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At the heart of our core values lies our commitment to continual professional development. We offer a comprehensive range of online training programs to help develop and maintain knowledge within our industry. Our courses are designed to help you with workplace health and safety, empower you to identify hazards, increase your fire safety awareness and much more.

Our online training is divided into modules that delve into specific topics including fire safety, manual handling, noise awareness, working at heights, hazardous substances, personal protective equipment and risk assessments. In addition, we provide supplementary resources such as invaluable best practices and coaching to actively assist our clients in managing their safety requirements.

Key learning outcomes from our online training:

  • Stay updated with the latest industry standards and regulations.
  • Learn best practices for maintaining workplace safety and security.
  • Develop a deep understanding of health and hygiene protocols.
  • Gain insights into crisis management and emergency preparedness.
  • Acquire valuable certifications to boost your resume and credibility.

Approved training

We collaborate with our trusted partners to offer you training that is endorsed and acknowledged by prestigious organisations like IOSH, IIRSM and CPD. This ensures that you receive approved and recognised training – guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and excellence.


The IOSH-approved courses signify uncompromising quality standards and being at the forefront of safety and health leadership. Working with our trusted partners, our course content is rich in relevant health and safety information and tailored to the appropriate level.

IIRSM Approved

The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) is a charitable organisation dedicated to providing practical education, training, advice, resources and networking opportunities to help individuals and organizations effectively manage the challenges they encounter. Courses approved by IIRSM serve as a testament to the training meeting the high-quality standards set by the IIRSM’s Training Approval Scheme.

CPD Certified

CPD certification signifies that the course has met the necessary standards and benchmarks for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The learning values have been thoroughly evaluated by the CPD Certification Service to ensure integrity and quality. CPD accreditation holds international recognition and respect. It demonstrates a strong dedication to self-improvement and professionalism.

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