Wiser Environment has extensive experience in the field of waste and resource management and has been providing independent advice to the waste industry for many years. With rising waste management costs, increasingly complex legislation and a realisation of the value of waste as a resource, our client base has widened to include many waste producers looking to improve their waste management practices.

Our waste and resource management services include:

  • Carrying out waste audits to analyse your existing waste practices and disposal solutions and identify areas for improvement and cost saving
  • Classifying waste to ensure that it is dealt with in line with legislation and in the most environmentally responsible and cost effective way
  • Waste sampling to identify the character and status of waste and corresponding handling and disposal requirements
  • Identifying recycling and disposal options that meet legislative requirements, help to achieve environmental targets and provide value for money
  • Advising on meeting end of waste criteria and quality protocols, implementing management systems and achieving certification schemes such as the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme
  • Carrying out feasibility studies, for example, in the building of new resource and recovery facilities and designing of recycled products

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