Available across the UK, Wiser Environment’s team of environmental monitoring experts can help businesses make an impact to fulfil their legal obligations and prosper through compliance. From noise and air pollution monitoring and sampling to landfill gas, our comprehensive and reliable range of monitoring services affords our clients with a peace of mind; ensuring that they meet the demands of their environmental permit and discharge planning conditions. With 20 years’ of experience behind us, we are best placed to provide businesses with the environmental monitoring services they need. To find out more about our tailored services contact us or call on 01480 462 232.

Noise Monitoring
Water Monitoring
Landfill Gas Monitoring

Working with the Environmental Monitoring team

Since 1999, we have been using our practical workplace knowledge and monitoring to help the waste industry to grow, prosper and make an impact. At Wiser Environment, we prioritise understanding and building a long-term working relationship with our clients and policymakers.

To date, our environmental monitoring technicians routinely support our broad client base with reliable and accurate sampling and monitoring. Working alongside our monitoring technicians, our clients have seen their businesses maintain compliance and discharge their planning conditions.

As an example of our reliable and accurate monitoring service, we manage the long-term monitoring requirements for a landfill facility in the UK. The landfill in question resides within the catchment of a Groundwater Source Protection Zone and sits on top of a permeable principal chalk aquifer. Additionally, the site covered by soils with intermediate leaching potential.

To monitor the site’s groundwater, Wiser helped install several 55 meter deep boreholes. Under a consistent and reliable sampling methodology, Wiser’s monitoring technicians comprehensively sampled the groundwater from these boreholes every quarter. In addition, our team also maintains accurate records and reports on behalf of the operator to the Environment Agency.

Whatever your budget, we can help you prosper through compliance. To find further evidence of our great collaborative sampling and monitoring work along with the impact we have made, please visit our case studies page or contact us.

Environmental Noise Monitoring

The expert monitoring technicians at Wiser Environment can help businesses who need assistance with measuring and assessing their noise emissions. Backed by Wiser’s seasoned and knowledgeable consultants, we can guide operators to meet their regulatory requirements. This includes preparing environmental permit applications, discharging planning conditions, conducting feasibility assessments for Environmental Impact Assessments and supporting statutory nuisance complaints.

As standard, Wiser Environment uses type 1 precision digital sound level meters. With support from trusted suppliers, our sound level meters are capable of measuring octave, 1/3 octave and broadband frequency bands.

Furthermore, they can measure to an ISO9612, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95, ISO1996 and BS4142 standard. Read our trusted supplier’s sound level meter data set for more information.

In addition to our technical services, our consultants are well suited to provide operators with compliance advice. Under a risk-based approach, we can help you navigate the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. Here, we would produce tailored risk assessments and cost-effective action plans. To learn more about how we can help you – contact us.

Water Monitoring Services

Delivered to the same reliable and accurate standard as noise monitoring, we also offer water monitoring services. This includes surface water, groundwater and leachate environmental monitoring assistance. Equipped with the necessary expertise and monitoring apparatus, our monitoring technician teams can reliably collect representative samples directly from your facility for water quality monitoring. Then – using Wiser’s trusted partners – an approved MCerts laboratory analyses the samples against your chosen parameters.

As an added value, our knowledgeable water quality monitoring consultants will also maintain accurate records and report to the regulator on your behalf. Moreover, if further support is required – such as a flood risk assessment,  site drainage and pollution control measures – then our teams are also best suited to help with various water resources. Call 01480 462 232 to make the most of our certified water services. Our monitoring technicians can provide a real and tangible benefit to your business.


For many operators, collecting groundwater samples involves time-intensive activities. From reaching overground off-road locations to using specialist equipment, sampling groundwater from boreholes is challenging. The team at Wiser Environment is here to help operators with their groundwater sampling efforts.

Our ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certified monitoring technicians can safely visit a variety of sites – including open and closed landfills – and use appropriate transport to access those hard-to-reach sampling points.

Contact us to hear more about how robust and reliable groundwater sampling methodology. Get started on your groundwater sampling with Wiser Environment.


As a liquid that leaches from landfills, leachate has the potential to cause harm and pollute the environment. Plus, the composition of leachate can vary widely depending on the landfilled waste and other factors. As a result, leachate should always be carefully managed.

For example, Wiser Environment works alongside many non-hazardous and hazardous landfill operators. Helping them to secure planning permissions and discharge consents for their on-site leachate treatment operations. Once a leachate management plan is in place, Wiser’s monitoring technicians can assist in soil sampling and monitoring the substance. Using only dedicated ATEX certified and intrinsically safe equipment, our monitoring technicians ensure that the leachate is carefully managed and remains within acceptable parameters. For more information about how Wiser can help your landfill can reduce its environmental impact, contact us or call 01480 462 232.

Landfill Gas Environmental Monitoring

Wiser Environment’s expert air quality monitoring technicians frequently conduct landfill gas monitoring for our clients. Built upon of over 20 years of experience, our gas-monitoring programmes provide operators with true value. Fitting within our client’s schedule, we attend their site and sample gas on a frequency that suits our clients best. Be it a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual schedule.

Our air quality trained teams use a calibrated GA5000 gas analyser to measure for methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and dihydrogen emissions. Importantly, the gases present at the site’s monitoring point may not truly representative of the ground’s atmosphere. As a result, our monitoring technician will work towards a client pre-agreed methodology and standardised monitoring routine; establishing accurate and reliable results. Read our trusted supplier’s GA5000 gas analyser data set for more information.

Furthermore, our experienced air quality environmental monitoring consultants also maintain accurate air pollution records and reports for our clients. Organised in an easy-to-understand manner, our clients can track and trace their gas emission activities overtime. Akin to our water monitoring services, we also can report to the regulator on our client’s behalf.

Our gas monitoring services are available to all. So, even if you operate a vast closed landfill or a small facility – we can help. Feel free to call us on 01480 462 232 for more information about our gas monitoring or air pollution services.

Environmental Monitoring Consultants are Ready to Provide Support

Wiser Environment’s team of environmental monitoring experts are ready to help businesses fulfil their legal obligations and prosper through compliance and monitoring activities. Our wide range of hassle-free monitoring services will fit nicely within your environmental permitting requirements. Be it noise, water, air pollution or gas – Wiser Environment is best placed to provide the long-term environmental monitoring you require. To find out more about our tailored support contact us or call on 01480 462 232.