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EA has published the results from their Metal shredders: appropriate measures for permitted facilities consultation

EA has published the results from their Metal shredders: appropriate measures for permitted facilities consultation. Both the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFRS) and Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM) responded.

After considering the consultation responses the EA received, they are now finalising the Appropriate Measures guidance document and will be publishing this shortly.

New noise and vibration management guidance

The EA has published new noise guidance has been published today. The guidance will help waste sites apply for, vary and comply with their permits.
The guidance covers:
– how the EA will assess noise from certain industrial processes
– what the law says permit holders must do to manage noise and vibration
– advice on how to manage noise with noise impact assessments and noise management plans

Updates to the National Planning Policy Framework

The National Planning Policy Framework – which outlines the Government’s planning policies for England – has been updated.

The NPPF now has an increased focus on beauty, place-making, the environment, sustainable development and underlines the importance of local design codes.

These changes coincide with the Publication of the National Model Design Code. The NMDC is a toolkit that helps communities to shape their local design needs.

Overall, the Government now places greater emphasis on quality and design in the planning system.

22 weeks for substantial variation allocation

Our clients are telling us that the EA are asking for up to 22 weeks to allocate a substantial variation. This 5 month lead time does not include the time it would take the EA to duly make and determine your application.

We recommend that you get your substantial variation applications in now if you want them to be allocated this side of Xmas.

Appropriate measures for WEEE & WCE permitted facilities – consultation

The EA want to hear from waste operators about their latest consultation on the new guidance for permitted WEE treatment/transfer facilities. Their proposed guidance aims to update and expand current advice on BATRRT and WEEE.

The new guidance also brings in the relevant requirements of the waste treatment BAT conclusions publication which apply will to waste installation facilities.

The EA’s consultation runs until September 5th