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The EA has updated their service standards

he EA has updated their service standards. These standards set out the level of customer service operators can expect from the regulator. The update confirms that the EA’s response time to enquiries and complaints has been extended from 10 working days to 20 working days. The EA explains that this is a temporary change whilst their teams adapt to new ways of working and respond to incidents.

The EA are still assessing compliance on waste sites

As this current lockdown continues, it is important to remember that the EA are still assessing compliance on waste sites. For the majority of sites, the EA will conduct their CAR form inspection remotely.

So – expect your EA officer to ask for photos of your site, evidence of record-keeping, a telephone discussion with your TCM and more. Above all, your site’s compliance rating will impact how much your yearly subsistence fee is. The better your compliance rating the cheaper your subsistence fee is.

Appropriate measures for permitted facilities that take non-hazardous and inert waste – Wiser responds on behalf of its clients

To determine support for the appropriate measures for permitted facilities that take non-hazardous and inert waste, the EA launched a public consultation. The consultation sought to understand if the guidance would modernise non-hazardous and inert waste sector operations and create clarity. The team at Wiser have reviewed the newly published draft proposals and submitted a…

WEEE AATF collections at a 10-year low

In a dataset published by the Environment Agency, WEEE AATF collections are at a 10-year low. Quarter 2 of 2020 saw a return of only 64,422 tonnes. These statistics formalise COVID-19’s impact on the WEEE AATF industry. The experienced WEEE AATF experts at Wiser are ready to provide waste businesses with support. For more information…

New Waste Compliance Taskforce

Comprising of both public and private sector organisations – including the Environment Agency, United Resource Operators Consortium and UK Waste Solutions – the Waste Compliance Taskforce will launch on the 22nd of October. The cross-sector Taskforce aims to provide the waste industry with effective means to tackle and prevent waste crime. Set to be announced…