Wiser Environment provides air dispersion modelling for air quality and odour assessments required in both planning and environmental permit applications as well as for ongoing compliance and best practice.

Our bespoke services are competitively priced and we offer fixed fee screening assessments to help clients budget for these works.  We are able to complete environmental risk assessments to the latest standards (including the H1 database tool if required) and with a versatile and experienced team of consultants we are able to discuss with you the wider implications of your air quality and odour assessments for you and your business.

Combining in-house expertise and the world leading industrial air pollution modelling software, ADMS (Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System) 5, we deliver accurate and timely air quality assessments with services including:

  • Assessment of single or multiple point source emissions against air quality standards and environmental permit emission limit values (ELVs)
  • Dispersion modelling using empirical or measured data for airborne pollutants, odours and emissions from scrubbers or biofilters
  • Stack height determination for planning or environmental permitting
  • Environmental impact assessments for sensitive receptors
  • Complex terrain and coastal areas can also be modelled effectively
  • Pre-development screening service to support capital investment decisions on location of and abatement for treatment technologies

Our clients include commercial and industrial facilities with point source emissions from stacks or flues, industrial processors with odour emission release points, operators required to reassess environmental impacts following increase in capacity or changes in plant, industrial facilities required to verify efficacy of odour abatement technologies and developers looking to appraise site locations before submitting planning applications.

Call us on 01480 462 232 to find out more about our air dispersion modelling services.