Wiser Environment provides a range of environmental, health & safety, compliance and energy auditing services to review and identify areas of high risk and potential non-compliance with environmental legislation, industry best practice and other standards.   We deliver audits that can help you reduce your costs and maximise your resources by identifying business critical actions.

Our auditing services include:

  • Business risk, compliance procedures and process audits
  • Environmental, quality and health & safety management system audits
  • Environmental permit audits
  • Legal compliance audits
  • Due diligence
  • Energy audits
  • Waste audits


Wiser Environment can help your organisation meet the requirements of legislation, codes of practice and other standards, ensuring your business is compliant and environmentally responsible.  We provide advice, guidance and support on all aspects of environmental compliance including pollution prevention, emissions control and waste management.

Our environmental compliance services include:

  • Auditing your business risk, legal compliance, procedures and processes
  • Developing and maintaining legal registers to help you identify and comply with legislation that affects your business
  • Liaising with the regulatory bodies on your behalf
  • Providing software solutions to support your ongoing compliance
  • Troubleshooting on notices issued and threats of prosecution
  • Due diligence

Monitoring and sampling

We have well established partnerships with environmental sampling laboratories that meet the quality standards of MCerts, the Environment Agency’s Monitoring Certification Scheme. We liaise with regulatory bodies on your behalf and provide courier services for sample collection to ensure efficient, reliable environmental monitoring services that meet all regulatory requirements.

Our environmental monitoring services include:

  • Soil, water and waste sampling and analysis
  • Odour assessment
  • Waste classification
  • Identification of recycling and disposal options
  • Acoustic assessment
  • Waste to land assessment

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