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EPR amends may have far reaching consequences

In late November 2018, DEFRA quietly laid before Parliament the Environmental Protection (Miscellaneous Amendments) (England and Wales) Regulations 2018. Despite the lack of fanfare accompanying their introduction, the amendments are likely to have far reaching consequences for waste sites… The regulations implement a number of proposals made by the Department for the Environment, Food and…

new Environment Agency charging scheme starts to bite when invoices land on desks

New EA charges start to bite

Businesses are starting to feel the effects of the Environment Agency’s new charging scheme as invoices from the regulator land on desks. Despite receiving advance warning of the changes, the reality of 3-fold or more increases is proving shocking to many. Where it all began In late 2017, the Environment Agency undertook a consultation in…

Fire blanket over waste piles at Wiser Recycling

What’s an acceptable alternative measure in fire prevention plans?

The Environment Agency will accept divergence from their fire prevention plan guidance in the form of a fully assessed alternative measure. But what does this mean in practice for the waste industry? What is an alternative measure in fire prevention plans? The Environment Agency has three core objectives from fire prevention plans: Minimise the likelihood…

Fire prevention plans – Catch 22 for wood recyclers and the EA?

This article by Wiser Environment’s fire prevention plan expert, Andrew Lake, first appeared in MRW in July 2018. The need for sites that store combustible waste to submit fire prevention plans is delaying permit applications as wood recyclers struggle to meet the Environment Agency’s requirements. Wiser Environment’s Andrew Lake looks at what’s causing the hold…

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Fire prevention plans

Seven things you need to know about fire prevention plans

Fire prevention plans are currently a hot topic (no pun intended!) in the waste industry but do you really know what the fuss is about, what is a fire prevention plan and why they are important? Wiser Environment takes a look at fire prevention plans and explains this challenging requirement in layman’s terms. What is…

Five things you need to know about air dispersion modelling

Air dispersion modelling (ADM) is an air emissions risk assessment that uses detailed modelling to identify if air emissions could harm the environment or human health. But why do we need it and what are the consequences of not carrying it out? Wiser Environment takes a look at ADM and tries to explain this technical…