Our Vision and Values

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Our Vision

To be a leading specialist environmental consultancy in the field of waste management, planning and management systems. Known for expert knowledge, sound advice and strong relationships that help our clients grow and prosper from compliant and responsible operations. To utilise this profound knowledge to help in rapid environmental and waste management improvement in developing economies.

Core Principles

  • Environmental Improvement – We utilise our expertise, knowledge and experience to maximum benefit for our clients, to improve their businesses, processes and efficiency.  In doing so, our clients will reduce their impact on the environment, use of natural resources and energy; and risk to their business.
  • Building and maintaining a highly skilled team – Our team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and capable consultants have broad expertise across a wide range of disciplines.  We support and mentor our team, and build our combined knowledge so that each of us can enhance our excellent reputation and the exceptional standards of work we provide our clients.
  • Excellent Quality –We provide high-quality advice and documentation that exceed the standards required by legislation, guidance and our clients’ expectations.   We will meet an excellent standard of quality in all aspects of the work that we undertake. Good enough Is not good enough.
  • Client Relationships –A key business strength is our building of close client relationships.  Our team is encouraged to develop a clear understanding of our clients’ business and processes.  To provide sound, commercially astute advice.  We pride ourselves on developing open, long term, working relationships based on trust and integrity that allow us to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ business and be seen as a vital member of their team.  Our aim to reduce risk to our clients and enable their businesses to prosper through compliance.
  • Providing an enjoyable and productive workplace – We recognise that we need to look after our employees.  We see it as essential to provide a happy, enjoyable and productive workplace that encourages creativity, exchange of knowledge, and openness.
  • Growing by recommendation – By continuing to achieve outstanding high client satisfaction and gain new business largely by recommendation, we believe that we will maintain our excellent reputation and our business growth will be sustainable and true to our core values.
  • Trusted Partnerships – We understand that we can’t be masters of all. We gain support from other like-minded associates and organisations to enhance the services we provide.  We build close and long-term relationships with these trusted suppliers and work closely with them to ensure that they deliver the same level of quality that we do.

Core Values

Our Core Values detailed below are the guiding principles in how we want to operate our business and what we care about.  We expect all our employees to understand and work consistently to these values so that we understand one another; we do the right things for the right reasons; we build strong working relationships, and the alignment of our values helps Wiser Environment achieve its Vision.  Employees will be asked to demonstrate values alignment during performance reviews and appraisals.

  1. Commitment – I am fully committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and success of Wiser, its team, and its clients.  I always promote the abilities of the Group positively.
  2. Ownership – I take personal responsibility for and ownership of my actions and I am accountable for my results.  I display pride, competence and confidence in myself and my work. I avoid complaining and encourage my colleagues to do the same.
  3. Integrity – I act with integrity and honesty, make agreements that I intend to keep and deliver what I promise. I communicate where I am not able to do this at the first opportunity, offering potential solutions.
  4. Success – I have a positive and constructive approach to work.  I focus my thoughts, energy and attention on the successful outcome of whatever I am doing.  I use my initiative and involve colleagues to share ideas and experiences.  I understand that this sets our business apart from others.
  5. Relationships – I am a team player.  I ask for help when I need it.  I am supportive of and show appreciation to others.  I enjoy building positive working relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers.
  6. Communication – I am friendly and professional in my spoken and written communication, addressing people by their name.  I am positive in my communication with and about my team members, my clients and Wiser in both public and private.
  7. Consistency – I am consistent in my actions, so my team-mates, clients and suppliers feel comfortable dealing with me.  I understand the value of systems and use them to enable consistency and I am disciplined in my work, so my results, growth and success are consistent.
  8. Improvement – I learn quickly from my mistakes and do not repeat them. I look for alternative ways to succeed.  I support colleagues and clients using my experience and knowledge, to improve the Wiser business and that of our clients and suppliers. I look for ways to do more with less and stay on a path of continuous improvement and innovation.
  9. Balance – I have a balanced approach to life, remembering that my social, physical, family and spiritual wellbeing is as important as my financial and intellectual wellbeing.
  10. Fun – I understand my influence in making work a fun and enjoyable place to be.  I acknowledge that we spend a significant part of our life at work and strive to make it a positive and productive place.