Wiser Environment has extensive experience preparing fire prevention plans for a wide range of waste management facilities helping them protect their businesses and minimise the risk of fires. We provide you with quickest and most cost effective route to compliance with this challenging requirement, ensuring success in getting fire prevention plans (FPPs) signed off by the Environment Agency,

The EA’s position on fire prevention plans

As well as requiring Fire Prevention Plans (FPPs) to be submitted with all permit variations and new permit applications for sites that store combustible waste, the Environment Agency (EA) can also request that Standard Rules Permit Holders submit FPPs following a fire or any sites they deem to be high risk.

In 2018, the EA is expected to go further and require all Environmental Permit holders who store and process combustible waste to submit an FPP. Operators may also be asked to vary permits at their own costs.

The Environment Agency (EA) has three objectives for fire prevention plans:

• Minimise the likelihood of a fire happening
• Aim for a fire to be extinguished within 4 hours
• Minimise the spread of fire within the site and to neighbouring sites

The content of fire prevention plans

The Environment Agency has produced, and regularly updated, its guidance on fire prevention plans, requiring extensive documentation from waste management facilities and Installations. This includes the amount, type and location of each waste stored on site, the method and amount of time of storage, the maximum volume and size of waste piles, how waste piles are separated, the steps in place to prevent fire and steps to take to extinguish a fire.

Our fire prevention plan services

Our fire prevention plan services include:

• Pre-application and liaison with Environment Agency
• Identification of fire risks
• Bespoke fire prevention plans
• Guidance on implementing fire prevention plans
• Third party insurance compliance advice

Our highly experienced team includes a former Environment Agency assessor in fire prevention plans who has an in-depth understanding and unique insight into this challenging requirement. Find out more about our team.

Further guidance

For more information about fire prevention plans and the issues operators are facing, check out our resources including:

The EA and WISH guidance on fire prevention plans can be accessed below:

For more information about fire prevention plans and EA requirements, contact Wiser Environment on 01480 462 232.