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Fernbrook Bio achieves recertification to PAS110 & Biofertiliser Certification Scheme

Congratulations to Fernbrook Bio for achieving recertification to PAS110 and Biofertiliser Certification Scheme!

Despite all the recent external pressures, Fernbrook Bio has successfully maintained a high-quality standard throughout. This fantastic achievement demonstrates how successful our 14-year strong collaborative partnership has been. We look forward to tackling the next challenge together.

End of halogen light bulbs

From this September, the UK Government is set to ban the sale of halogen light bulbs – with fluorescent light bulbs to follow suit.

We offer a complete collection and recycling service – so, get in touch if you have any unwanted lights, light fittings or bulbs.

The EA has updated its odour management plan guidance

The EA has updated its odour management plan guidance. Overall, the guidance outlines how operators must control and monitor emissions from their activities that may cause pollution.

Changes include clarifications regarding when the EA will want an odour management plan. They may request one during pre-application, determination, variation or at any point during the lifetime of your permit.

Also, Materials recycling and handle odorous inputs or reject streams and Intensive Farming have been added to the list of Activities that require an odour management plan.

Wiser Environment expands its senior team

At Wiser Environment, we are pleased to announce that we have promoted our waste classification specialist - Andrea Petrolati - to Senior Consultant. Andrea joined the Wiser team as a consultant in 2017. Immediately, his technical knowledge was highly valued by our...

Development of the Bedford Green Technology and Innovation Park underway

Development of the Bedford Green Technology and Innovation Park underway and is set to become a real community asset for Bedford. Our Senior Consultant, Graeme, has been leading the way on the multi-million development project.

The former landfill site is set to become home to more than 1,800 solar panels. These panels will generate and supply onsite buildings and local businesses with low carbon and clean energy.

With preliminary works now underway Bedford Green Technology and Innovation Park is due to be completed by early 2022.

The EA has put out a call for evidence concerning the quality protocol for Tyre-derived rubber materials

The EA has put out a call for evidence concerning the quality protocol for Tyre-derived rubber materials. This protocol is used by the industry to determine at what point the Tyre-derived material is not classified as waste.

The regulator would like to hear the industry’s views on whether this quality protocol meets their needs. They would also like to know if you believe there is a market for Tyre-derived rubber materials and whether the PAS 107:2007 specification is appropriate.

Get in contact with the EA resources frameworks team by the 18th of June to respond.

The EA’s consultation to revise or remove certain healthcare waste standard rules permits will close on the 10th of May

Heads up to those working with healthcare waste permits. The EA’s consultation to revise or remove certain healthcare waste standard rules permits will close on the 10th of May.

We recommend you submit a response – https://lnkd.in/dp9m-CB

The consultation proposes significant changes to SR2008 No:24: 75Kte clinical waste and healthcare waste transfer station permit. Changes include:

– a reduction in the total annual waste storage from 75,000 tonnes per year to just 5,000. Plus, the maximum quantity of haz and non-haz waste to be stored at any one time will be limited to 10 and 20 tonnes respectively

– reduced storage times for offensive, infectious, anatomical and other healthcare wastes on-site

Plus, the EA intends to remove existing standard rules permits SR2008 No.25 and SR2013 No.1 #healthcare #wastemanagement #environment

The EA has approved our restoration designs for the Elstow Landfill

This week, the EA has approved our restoration designs for Elstow Landfill’s southern facing slope. Our teams working on this complicated project have done a superb job simultaneously provided environmental protection and commercial value – big shout out to Graeme Outridge BSc (Hons) MRWM PIEMA ACSM, Josh Freeman and Clara Robinson!

Our restoration design protects the local community by introducing a slacker slope that will maintain stability, halts the production of potentially polluting leachate through engineered capping and reduces local carbon footprint with the installation of solar panels and other green technologies.

We look forward to seeing the Elstow Landfill develop into an exciting green energy innovation park. #renewableenergy #restoration #environment

Wiser Environment celebrates Earth Day 2021

Today, Wiser Environment is celebrating Earth Day 2021! Earth Day takes a moment to recognise our environmental achievements, challenge us to create a sustainable future and mobilises to get involved in protecting our planet. Earth Day history Earth Day was set up in...

The EA to launch a consultation on TCM attendance requirements

The EA are set to launch a consultation on attendance requirements for technically competent managers.

Currently – TCM attendance is decided via an outdated OPRA system that calculates your site’s complexity, location and emissions.

The alternatives presented in the consultation will include TCM attendance based on charge bands or just a standardised percentage of operational hours. We expect the consultation to go live in mid-May.

If you have any questions or would like to join our consultation response, then get in touch. #WAMITAB #wastemanagement