continuing competence Wamitab FAQs

  • What test should I take?
    All learners must take the generic knowledge test. You are then required to take an activity specific test(s). The different activity specific tests are detailed on the WAMITAB website. Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • How many questions are there?
    The test comprises 18 questions for the generic knowledge test (covering legislation, health & safety and environmental protection) and a further 8 questions for each activity specific test.
  • What is the pass mark?
    Learners need to correctly answer 50% or more of the questions in the generic knowledge test section and 50% or more of the questions in each option chosen and achieve an overall pass mark of 65%. In all cases learners must achieve a pass in both the generic knowledge test plus the option(s).If you take more than one option then this applies to each option: for example, if you take two activity-specific tests it means you may pass one and fail the other.  In this case you will be awarded one continuing competence certificate and will have to take the generic knowledge test and the option you fail again.
  • Can I take a paper-based test?
    No however if you have special requirements then you need to call Pearson VUE on 0161 855 7316.
  • How do I book a test?
    You can book your test at any time. You need a valid credit or debit card and will be asked to select the location, date and time of your test.
  • Where can I find refresher training or revision documentation?
    Wiser Training provides a comprehensive refresher training course covering both the generic knowledge syllabus and activity specific topics. Should you wish to undertake you own revision prior to your test, WAMITAB have prepared syllabus specific revision guides.