COVID-19: Update for clients and suppliers

In response to the worldwide developments of COVID-19, the whole waste and resource industry is dealing with it as best as they can. From robust continuity planning to proactive collaboration with partners, this industry is going to come out of the other end of this crisis stronger. In likewise fashion, the following is Wiser Environment’s three-pronged approach to maintaining operations during the outbreak:

1) Business as usual

While the current situation is unprecedented in its scale, Wiser is committed to continuing business as usual. This means that the environmental consultancy is still fully operational; providing a comprehensive service to the wide and diverse client base. Furthermore, Wiser is using this economic downturn as an opportunity to communicate with its clients and provide actionable and practical advice – supporting businesses in their time in need.

2) Flexibility

Wiser has always been a company with a community and family focus at the core. Because of these core values and the swiftness of the outbreak, the consultancy has prioritsed adapting quickly to this crisis. After reviewing key processes and procedures, the team have greater flexibility in their work-life balance. Echoing Government guidance, the Wiser team are set up to seamlessly work remotely. This will also allow the team to continue providing clear and practical support to clients and spend more time with their family.

3) Transparency

The third approach is to be actively transparent. During what is a difficult time for everyone, Wiser Environment understands that businesses need the availability of full information. They need to what is happening, when is it going to happen and how will it affect their business. For this reason, Wiser will provide frequent updates on the status of the team. If one of the team comes into contact with the virus, then Wiser will inform the client base; providing an action plan that detailing how to maintain project momentum and achieve deadlines.

Getting through this together

As COVID-19 further impacts the waste and resource industry, the community needs to come together. Continuing to work hard, stay committed to values and open cooperation are the key approaches to maintaining operations throughout COVID-19.

If your organisation is affected by COVID-19 or you have concerns about any of Wiser’s team that you have been in contact with, then please contact the Group Administration Officer on 01480 462 232  or at the earliest opportunity.