Impending WEEE changes for retailers and wholesalers

Retailers and wholesalers need to be aware of the latest developments of the Distributor Take Back Scheme. Crucially, they will now need to start preparing for an in-store alternative for their customer’s old household appliances. The Wiser Group is ready and available to provide compliance advice, links to producer compliances schemes, WEEE collections and recycling. For this reason, retailers can worry not and remain focused on providing for their customers.

A summary of the Distributor Take Back Scheme so far

The term ‘distributor’ refers to any establishment that retails electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in the UK. Those operating in that portion on the supply chain must provide a way for their customers to dispose of their old EEE when they purchase a replacement. In other words, when a retailer sells a fridge, then they must also offer to take back the consumer’s old one.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013 permits the choice of two take back solutions: either offer in-store take back or they could join a Distributor Take Back Scheme (DTS). The DTS solution involves the distributor working directly with a recycling centre; providing the consumer with a location to dispose of their WEEE.

In January 2020, the DTS transitioned in phase 5. One of the most significant developments was to exclude certain retailers from utilising the DTS option. Precisely, those with an annual turnover greater than £100,000. Instead, these large retailers must fall back on providing in-store solutions.

How can Wiser help?

Retailers who now rely on an in-store collection should contact the Wiser Group. Wiser specialises in both WEEE compliance and recycling; working with retailers and wholesalers across the UK. Most importantly, Wiser anchor their services around the waste hierarchy. This means is that Wiser puts reuse at the forefront and prioritise delivering the most environmentally responsible service.

Specifically, Wiser Environment has particular expertise in providing retailers with commercially astute advice. Whereas, Wiser Recycling confidently manages the ongoing storage and collection services for all categories of WEEE. This includes large household appliances, lighting and other EEE.

As the regulatory institutions increase scrutiny, the challenge of maintaining commerciality intensifies. The Wiser Group is here to we work closely with our clients and focus on prospering through compliance. If you have any questions or queries about the DTS, then contact Wiser or call on 01480 462232.