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The EA has approved our restoration designs for the Elstow Landfill

This week, the EA has approved our restoration designs for Elstow Landfill’s southern facing slope. Our teams working on this complicated project have done a superb job simultaneously provided environmental protection and commercial value – big shout out to Graeme Outridge BSc (Hons) MRWM PIEMA ACSM, Josh Freeman and Clara Robinson!

Our restoration design protects the local community by introducing a slacker slope that will maintain stability, halts the production of potentially polluting leachate through engineered capping and reduces local carbon footprint with the installation of solar panels and other green technologies.

We look forward to seeing the Elstow Landfill develop into an exciting green energy innovation park. #renewableenergy #restoration #environment

The EA are still assessing compliance on waste sites

As this current lockdown continues, it is important to remember that the EA are still assessing compliance on waste sites. For the majority of sites, the EA will conduct their CAR form inspection remotely.

So – expect your EA officer to ask for photos of your site, evidence of record-keeping, a telephone discussion with your TCM and more. Above all, your site’s compliance rating will impact how much your yearly subsistence fee is. The better your compliance rating the cheaper your subsistence fee is.

WEEE AATF collections at a 10-year low

In a dataset published by the Environment Agency, WEEE AATF collections are at a 10-year low. Quarter 2 of 2020 saw a return of only 64,422 tonnes. These statistics formalise COVID-19’s impact on the WEEE AATF industry. The experienced WEEE AATF experts at Wiser are ready to provide waste businesses with support. For more information…

New Waste Compliance Taskforce

Comprising of both public and private sector organisations – including the Environment Agency, United Resource Operators Consortium and UK Waste Solutions – the Waste Compliance Taskforce will launch on the 22nd of October. The cross-sector Taskforce aims to provide the waste industry with effective means to tackle and prevent waste crime. Set to be announced…

The International Aluminium Institute published figures on aluminium recycling

The latest aluminium recycling figures published by the International Aluminium Institute suggest that Europe has one of the highest recycling efficiency rates in the world and the transportation industry recycles the most aluminium. Wiser Environment outlines the pertinent information from the International Aluminium Institute’s research. Representing the majority of the world’s aluminium producers, the International…

Consultation on the Green Gas Levy

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is hosting a consultation on the Green Gas Levy. This consultation closes on the 2nd of November 2020. Broadly, the levy intends to fund the injection of biomethane into the UK gas grid; also known as the Green Gas Support Scheme. According to the UK Government, the…

Environmental commitments from UK Government

The UK Government is set to announce legally binding environmental commitments; underpinning improvements to air quality, water, biodiversity, resource efficiency and waste reduction. Looking forward, it is expected that waste and resource industry businesses will have an opportunity to share their views in a public consultation in 2022. In today’s press release, the Department for…