Site status check during COVID-19 pandemic

Alongside the Environment Agency’s operational update, the local Environment Agency departments are performing a site status check. The check will request information on a site’s operational status and its business continuity plans. The Wiser Environment team is ready and available to help operators correspond with their regulators.

Site status check during COVID-19 pandemic

An example of a site status check form.

On the 3rd April, the Environment Agency (EA) published an Operational Update. This update outlines the Agency’s strategy to support the industry during the COVID-19 pandemic; expressing that they are aware that communities, businesses and the environment rely on their services.

Coinciding with the update, local EA teams have been contacting sites and performing a site check. Wiser Environment considers this to be a part of the EA’s process to risk assess sites that need support.

Operators can find a copy of the site check questionnaire here. This version is being distributed throughout several regions across the UK. Nevertheless, Wiser Environment recommends that sites doublecheck with their Local Officer.

Above all, the EA are seeking reassurances that sites have adequate control measures in place. The regulator will be looking for evidence of the site’s operational status and contingency planning. However, the onus is still with the operator to request implementation of alternative measures.

Wiser Environment suspects that the majority of sites will need to provide the following information:

  • Any staffing and TCM attendance issues.
  • Contingency and emergency planning.
  • Updates to the integrated management system.
  • Evidence of supply chain risk management.
  • The volume of waste stockpiled on site.
  • Fire prevention and security measures if the site is non-operational and the stock remains on site.
  • Confirmation that the site is still able to submit waste returns and preserve records.

Wiser Environment has extensive waste and resource management experience; providing independent advice to the waste industry for many years. Wiser can help support sites gather the required information and respond to the EA. For more information contact Wiser Environment or call on 01480 462232.