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How to deal with organised waste crime

Michael Gove has called for evidence on how to deal with organised waste crime.

Criminals that run waste disposal businesses, operating illegal waste sites, fly-tipping and exporting waste illegally undercut legitimate business, blight local communities, pollute the environment and often provide fronts for further illegal activities. Their activity is believed to cost the economy over £600million in England alone.

The Environment Agency discovered more than 850 new illegal waste sites in 2016/17 and shut down an average of two every day but the problem persists.

The call to evidence was launched on 10th June 2018 and is looking for people to have their say on how to crack down on organised crime that profit from illegal waste activities. The review looks at who is involved, the impacts of the crimes and the strategic approach that should be taken to tackle the problem.

Have your say here.

The call for evidence in one of a number of steps the Government is taking to crack down on waste crime. Earlier proposals have included removing exemptions and raising the standards of operator competence which Wiser believes will significantly affect legitimate operators.