Environmental Permit issued for one of UK’s largest catalytic converter recyclers

An environmental permit was issued last month for one of the UK’s largest catalytic convertor recyclers following the change in classification of the waste.

Duesmann & Hensel RecyclingIn March 2016, the Environment Agency reclassified catalytic converters as hazardous waste due to the Refractory Ceramic Fibre (RCF) matting used in some units. As it is currently not possible to distinguish between the different types, all catalytic converters are deemed hazardous until proved otherwise and therefore anyone storing or treating them will require an Environmental Permit.

Wiser Environment has prepared, submitted and successfully obtained a bespoke Environmental Permit on behalf of Hensel Recycling (UK) Ltd, whom have now become one of the first to be fully compliant following the withdrawal of Low Risk Waste Positions (LRWPs) 362 & 405 in February 2016.

Frank Rettinger, Hensel Recycling (UK) Ltd says: “Wiser Environment has successfully obtained a bespoke Environment Permit for our catalytic converter recycling facility to comply with the change in legislation governing the treatment of catalytic converters. They have managed the entire process: from the initial discussions with the Environment Agency, preparing and submitting the application pack, to providing guidance and practical support to us along the way.”

keramik-kats2_blaufilter_v01_01_bjb_reduziert_cmykSince submitting this application, Wiser Environment has been recommended to other such operators and currently has another bespoke Environment Permit ‘Duly Made’ and awaiting determination by the Environment Agency. If you have not already submitted your application or are having difficulties satisfying the stringent requirements, please contact us on 01480 462 232 and one of our experienced consultants will be happy to assist you.

Hensel Recycling Group, which is headquartered in Aschaffenburg, Germany, has been a major international player in the field of precious-metal recycling since 1998.  With more than 250 employees in nine countries, the company offers its customers a complete portfolio of services for the recovery and recycling of materials containing precious metals, such as catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, electronic control units and circuit boards.  Find out more about Hensel Recycling.