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“Can I just say that the way in which Wiser, you (Georgina and Jo)  have handled my WAMITAB course has been brilliant.  You have made the whole process from start to finish straight forward and easy for me to understand. Sometimes the way in which some of the WAMITAB questions are worded have thrown me in what the question is trying to ask me, but you have assisted me and explained to me the question in such a way that I then understand and can go on to answer it has been invaluable.  You have both shown patience and professionalism and are a credit to Wiser.”

Mark Hall

Operations Supervisor (HRC) Waste Treatment, Amey

“The Wiser team did an incredible job with all aspects of the planning application and permitting in a very short period of time.  We were greatly impressed by their experience and professionalism and have enjoyed working with them throughout this project”

Wil Poort

Chief Financial Officer, Royal Dahlman

“Wiser Environment successfully obtained a bespoke environment permit for our catalytic converter recycling facility to comply with the change in legislation. They managed the entire process: from the initial discussions with the Environment Agency, preparing and submitting the application pack, to providing guidance and practical support to us along the way”

Sebastian Hensel

Managing Director, Hensel Recycling (UK) Ltd

“The team at Wiser provide a friendly professional service that enabled us to achieve an Environmental Permit for this innovative Grimsby Plant.  They showed their thorough understanding of the permitting process and regulatory environment in the way they managed the lengthy discussions with the EA and the advice that was given to the development team.”

David Clayton

Development Director, Synova

“Wiser Environment’s advice has been invaluable. Wiser has a thorough understanding of waste legislation and the permit application process and has provided helpful and friendly answers to our questions”

Arthur Kay

Chief Executive Officer, Bio-Bean

“Wiser Environment has provided a friendly and knowledgeable service that has helped to improve our legal compliance and will continue to do so in the future. We are delighted we have achieved ISO14001 and highly recommend Wiser Environment”

Caron Edwards

Quality and Environmental Manager, Edwards Recycling

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