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Wiser Environment provides environmental consultancy services to public and private sector organisations across a wide range of business sectors.  All our clients can expect high quality, practical and cost effective advice and support across our full range of services. We really get to know you and your business allowing us to provide realistic solutions that meet your specific requirements.

 The key areas we work in are:

Recycling and Waste Management

Wiser Environment has been providing environmental consultancy services to the waste and recycling sector for many years.  We have extensive knowledge of the waste industry and experience in providing good value advice and practical support to waste transfer stations, landfill sites, materials recycling facilities, energy-from-waste plants and other recycling and recovery facilities.


Located in the most agriculturally productive area of the UK, Wiser Environment has a long history of bringing the farming and food production industry together with the waste sector.  We work with agricultural businesses, providing advice and support around the use of waste on land and the development of composting and anaerobic digestion plants or other waste facilities.

Facilities management

With facilities managers often having the greatest responsibility for environmental impacts, health & safety, waste generated and energy consumed in an organisation, Wiser Environment helps facilities managers remain compliant and meet environmental commitments.

Property developers

Wiser Environment works with property developers planning to build residential and commercial properties on brownfield sites, and with solicitors and conveyancers, providing support during acquisition, site development and the planning process.

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs)

Based in Cambridgeshire, Wiser Environment works with many SMEs across the East of England. Whether SMEs are looking to meet environmental legislation, reduce their waste and energy costs or just improve practices and environmental performance, we provide good value advice and support that is tailored to individual businesses.

Manufacturing and industry

Wiser Environment works with both light and heavy industry to ensure that operations remain compliant, to enable businesses to reduce their environmental impact and respond to a chemical spill or other environmental incident.

For more information about our work with your sector, contact us on 01480 462 232.