Vietnam Prime Minister issues Directive 33 / CT-TTg to strengthen the management, reuse, recycling, treatment and minimisation of plastic waste

To combat one of the most pressing environmental issues, the Vietnam Prime Minister has issued a Directive (33 / CT-TTg). This Directive strengthens Vietnam’s ability to minimise plastic waste through waste classification, legislation and establishing cross-government groups.

From a global perspective, Greenpeace research warns that almost 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year. Their reporting suggests that the majority of plastic pollution originates from poor management of household and commercial wastes.

Directive 33 CT-TTg to strengthen the management, reuse, recycling, treatment and minimisation of plastic waste

Wiser Environment’s Vietnam experts can help businesses maintain and improve environmental compliance.

Directive 33 / CT-TTg

Recognising its role in addressing the global waste crisis, the Vietnamese Government has taken strong action to reduce plastic waste. Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc issued Directive 33 / CT-TTg on strengthening management, reuse, recycling, treatment and reduction of plastic waste.

In short, the Directive challenges state agencies and public institutions to minimise the use of disposable plastic products; reinforces environmental protection legislation; and establishes a cross-government group – which includes ministries, agencies, People’s Committees of provinces and cities – to tackle environmental challenges together.

As a member of the United Nations and boosted by the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement – Vietnam intends to improve environmental performance by pioneering waste classification at the source of production. Furthermore, the Vietnamese Government expects state agencies and public institutions to segregate their produced wastes on-site.

In particular, an environmental training programme is set to be rolled out; supporting staff on sorting, collecting and minimising plastic waste. The intention here is to encourage the development and implementation of a replicable sustainability model. In turn, other agencies and businesses can replicate the systematic environmental improvements.

The team Wiser Environment has a strong waste classification background and can help support institutions in developing waste management systems. Wiser’s internationally standardised ISO 14001 management systems can provide practical procedures and policies that improve environmental performance. Contact us or call on +44 1480 462232 to discuss the Directive 33 / CT-TTg and its implications further with the Vietnam specialists at Wiser Environment.

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