Learn How Wiser Environment Helped GMP Baird Maintain Their Approved Battery Treatment Operator Status

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GMP Baird, a family-owned and run business, has been collecting recycling batteries since 1973. Through their efforts in responsible waste management, GMP Baird has become a trusted source for lead-acid industrial battery recycling and recovery. The Planning and Permitting team at Wiser Environment support GMP Baird by helping them maintain their Approved Battery Treatment Operator status.

An Approved Battery Treatment Operator is a business or individual that has been certified by the National Packaging Waste Database to recycle batteries. The National Packaging Waste Database sets a high standard for waste management. This means that those who are approved must follow safe and secure recycling practices. In other words, only an Approved Battery Treatment Operator can recycle batteries legally.

To reach Approved Battery Treatment Operator status, GMP Baird must meet certain requirements. For instance, they must have the necessary equipment and infrastructure to safely transport batteries and ensure that the materials are properly recycled or disposed of. Approved Battery Treatment Operators must also have a legal permit to handle batteries, as well as environmental permits related to waste management

Each year, the Wiser Environment Planning and Permitting team helps GMP Baird maintain this status by reviewing their processes and corresponding with the Environment Agency. We produce a report for the Environment Agency that outlines the client’s lead-acid industrial battery sampling and inspection plan, their treatment and recycling standards and their documentation process.

Our sampling and inspection plan demonstrates to the regulator that our client has a system in place to effectively inspect all incoming waste, deal with rejecting any loads that do not meet standards and how their sorting and weighing process is clear and transparent.

Furthermore, we go into detail about the different ways GMP Baird disposes of and recycles waste lead-acid industrial batteries. Our team covers how the client complies with the Best Available Techniques as required by the WEEE Directive. For those unfamiliar – Best Available Techniques are a comprehensive set of guidelines for controlling emissions, reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Lastly, we summarise the client’s record-keeping and documentation standards to the Environment Agency. We inform them of how the client records the tonnages of batteries accepted onto their site so that double counting is avoided as well as how lead-acid industrial batteries leave the site after processing. In addition, we notify the Agency of the GMP Baird procedures used to validate data and confirm accuracy prior to entering it into the National Packaging Waste Database.

With support from our Planning and Permitting team, GMP Baird is well-equipped to handle large volumes of lead-acid industrial batteries from businesses and organisations. Their Approved Battery Treatment Operator status ensures that their recycling practices are safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

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