Beckers Achieves Improved Environmental Compliance with Wiser’s Help

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About the Beckers Group

Operating for over 150 years, the Beckers Group produces sustainable industrial paint coatings. They are experts in developing environmentally focused paint systems. Their coating manufacturing plant in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam produces up to 12,000 metric tons per annum.

As a part of their vision, Beckers aims to always improve and build on their strong history. One of their ambitions is to invest and expand their Binh Duong plant to a capacity of 18,400 metric tons per annum. To help support this growth, Beckers asked Wiser to conduct Environmental and Health and Safety Due Diligence.

Wiser Environment & Becker Industrial Coatings Vietnam

Expanding operations compliantly

Beckers holds environmental compliance as a key objective for their business. This is because it helps protect the environment and human health. It also ensures that businesses can operate without facing legal penalties. Often, environmental compliance can help businesses save money by preventing pollution and waste.

One of the most important aspects of environmental compliance is proper waste management. Businesses, like Beckers, can generate large amounts of waste. As a result, they must follow all regulations regarding the storage and disposal of that waste. Improper waste management can lead to pollution, which can contaminate soil and water resources and potentially harm human health. The Wiser Environment team is specially equipped to help businesses navigate this challenge.

After initial scoping, our team prepared to complete two objectives: (i) assess the Binh Duong plant’s environmental compliance with Vietnam EHS legislation and (ii) research how the potential expansion could impact compliance with local law, especially in terms of how it could affect nearby residential properties.

Wiser Environment working alongside Beckers

Practical advice based on data

Initially, our team conducted a desktop study. Here – they gathered data concerning the site’s environmental history, previous operational use and other pertinent information. We then used this data to inform and guide our field research. The fieldwork included site visits and interviews with key stakeholders. Our team works alongside the Site’s Plant Manager and EHS Assistant Manager to assess the plant’s facilities and processes.

Through our experience and expertise, we were quickly able to identify potential EHS risks and issues associated with the operation. For example, our due diligence research offered several opportunities for Beckers to further improve their site’s environmental compliance. Such as establishing their robust systems to an international ISO standard; expanding the workplace monitoring program to include occupational health factors and further streamlining of their waste streams to ensure maximum throughput.

Concerning the expansion, our findings showed that Beckers should continue to take assertive steps to mitigate their plant’s emissions. Thankfully – with some careful planning and implementation, these risks can be mitigated and the expansion can proceed without negatively impacting surrounding residential properties.

We provided Beckers with a report that contained findings and detailed recommendations. The report will help inform their decision-making as they look to expand their Binh Duong facility. Our work was received positively by Beckers management. We are proud to have supported the growth of the Beckers Group. Their company values – including a focus on sustainability and improvement – match our own. We hope to continue supporting the company as they strive to further cement their role as leaders in the industrial paint coatings industry.

Joana & Ly Supporting Vietnam Based Client

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