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Rhianna Dawkes Soil Sampling

About Rhianna

Rhianna Dawkes is a highly regarded Junior Consultant with a strong academic background, holding a BSc in Biological Sciences from Bournemouth University. Her expertise lies in environmental and ecological studies, showcasing her deep passion for nature conservation. Rhianna has demonstrated exceptional adaptability in various roles within the sector, driven by her genuine enthusiasm for the countryside and contemporary environmental issues. She is particularly dedicated to environmental health management and mitigation, aiming to apply her skills and broaden her experience in this field.

Notable Projects

Babraham Research Campus
July 2023
Elemento Group
July 2023
Brownsea Island
April 2023

Bespoke Environmental Permit

Rhianna played a crucial role in supporting the Planning & Permitting team with the application for a bespoke environmental permit for the Babraham Research Campus. With her extensive expertise in environmental and ecological studies, she provided invaluable insights into the potential impact of waste activities. Rhianna was actively involved in detailing the Environmental Risk Assessment, Fire Prevention Plans and Non-Technical Summary, showcasing her deep understanding of the significance of accurate waste categorisation and management.

Planning Support

During the Discharge of Planning Conditions project for Elemento Group Limited, Rhianna made significant contributions, providing crucial support to the Planning & Permitting team. Her primary responsibility involved verifying the completed remediation work, a task she executed with exceptional diligence and accuracy. Rhianna played a key role in reviewing the approved remediation strategy by the Local Planning Authority (LPA), as well as analysing the current stockpile testing report. Her analysis enabled the Planning & Permitting team to provide precise recommendations for the reuse of onsite subsoil. Furthermore, Rhianna demonstrated her commitment by producing a detailed validation report for submission to the LPA. These strategic efforts ensured compliance with regulatory standards, showcasing Rhianna’s comprehensive understanding of environmental planning and management.

Natural Environment Restoration

During her time at Brownsea Island, a landmass owned by the National Trust located in Poole Harbour, Dorset, Rhianna made remarkable contributions to the environmental and countryside team. Her dedication to restoring the island’s natural environment was evident in her active involvement in various activities. Moreover, she successfully promoted the visitor-friendly aspects of the island. Rhianna’s work not only showcased her commitment to enhancing her practical skills, but also underscored her efforts to improve the sustainability and condition of the environment. In recognition of her unwavering passion and dedication, the National Trust bestowed upon her the prestigious title of ‘Nature Conservation Champion’. This honour serves as a testament to Rhianna’s exceptional hard work and her unwavering commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Brownsea Island.


Environmental Permitting Mapping & GIS
Environmental Monitoring & Sampling Environmental Risk Assessment
Construction Quality Assurance  


Native Proficiency

Awards & Qualifications

BSc. (Hons) Biological Sciences Brownsea Island Nature Conservation Champion
National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification with Automated External Defibrillation Certificate  

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