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Ly Dang working on a Solar PV site

About Lyly

With over 12 years of relevant and in-depth experience in the assessment of environmental, health, and social responsibility impact over several sectors. Ly has a broad range of experience developing social management plans, conducting environmental impact and risk assessments to international standards, participating in legal compliance assessments, and implementing and auditing management systems. Some of Ly’s favourite projects during her career thus far have been those involving understanding the issues faced by manufacturers and other industries and finding ways of helping them to improve.

Notable Projects

Red Sun Long An Energy
March 2022
Becker Industrial Coatings
April 2022
Wave Climate in Go Cong and U Minh

Development of EHS Management System

Ly and the team at Wiser Environment were enlisted to help Redsun develop and manage an environmental and social management system (ESMS). The aim of this project was to use our independent knowledge and experience to develop an ESMS that enables a safe construction environment for the rooftop solar project.

Environmental Health & Safety Due Diligence

After initial scoping, Ly’s team prepared to complete two objectives: (i) assess the Binh Duong plant’s environmental compliance with Vietnam EHS legislation and (ii) research how the potential expansion could impact compliance with local law, especially in terms of how it could affect nearby residential properties.

The wave climate in Go Cong and U Minh has been analyzed by Ly by using the TOMAWAC wave model. The model was applied to data from the period of 2009 to 2016 in order to understand the wave characteristics in the study areas. The results showed that the waves in Go Cong and U Minh are generally small, with a significant wave height of less than 2 m. However, there are occasional larger waves, with a maximum significant wave height of around 4 m. The direction of the waves is mostly from the northeast, but there is also a significant amount of wave energy from the southwest. The analysis of the wave climate in Go Cong and U Minh will help to improve the understanding of the waves in these areas and to develop more effective measures for mitigating the effects of waves on coastal infrastructure.


E&S Impact Assessment


Regulatory Affairs

E&S Due Diligence

EHSS Management System, & Compliance Support & Improvement

Corporate Risk Management

Contamination Investigation

Sustainable Development

Surveying & Mapping Operations.

Climate Change & Carbon Management.


Native Proficiency

Professional Working Proficiency

Awards & Qualifications

Engineering of Environmental Management

MSc Urban Environmental Management

Master of Environmental Management

Certificate of Lead Auditor of ISO 14001:2018, internal audit of OHSAS 18001:2007 & ISO 17025, ISO 17020 Certificate of Project Management Certificate IEE, Culture in service, Effective communication and Teamwork, Energy Specialist, Bio D-gen training.

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