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Wiser Head Team

About Charlie

Charlie has over 25 years of expertise in waste and environmental management. He provides Wiser Environment’s clients with a quick and dynamic understanding of new and upcoming regulations. With a deep understanding of legal requirements and business prospects in waste and the environment, Charlie flawlessly leads project teams across all aspects of our business – giving our clients the maximum benefit they need to stay ahead of the game.

Notable Projects

Support Business Development
Management System Implementation
Public & Private Sector Expertise
Environmental Impact Assessment

Charlie’s expertise offers invaluable insight and understanding to help them stay ahead of the competition. He is a highly experienced professional who has developed an impressive track record in helping businesses develop their waste and environmental management capabilities. He leverages his knowledge of legal requirements, business prospects, and project teams to ensure our clients are equipped with the support needed to move forward confidently. He provides hands-on assistance with identifying potential sites for facilities, managing planning applications, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. He is also well-versed in the specialised requirements of materials recovery (MRF’s), energy from waste plants, anaerobic digestion, tyre recycling, composting, hazardous waste treatment and landfill projects.

As the manager of the Wiser’s Management System, Charlie is an influential figure in all aspects of Wiser’s growth. He has an exceptional track record of leading project teams and providing expertise in various areas, including environmental impact assessments, RDF feedstock availability analysis, contaminated land issues, planning and permitting, management systems implementation, secondment support, monitoring, site auditing and hazardous waste training.

Charlie has an extensive background in waste management, having gained experience in both the public and private sector. He is well-equipped to provide expert operational advice for all types of waste management operations. Charlie is particularly skilled at swiftly acquiring planning permission and environmental permits for waste facilities by navigating new and upcoming legislation. He has also built a robust understanding of waste strategy and policy in a national and regional context through his management of planning projects.

Charlie spearheaded the provision of an Environmental Impact Assessment for a UK-based client, helping them develop a planning application to increase their composting site throughput to 50,000 tonnes. The comprehensive Environmental Statement encompassed critical elements such as non-technical summaries, method statements, and evaluations of significant impacts, among others. The successful EIA also included a Supporting Technical Assessment, Traffic Impact Assessment, Noise Assessment, Bio-Aerosol Assessment, Nuisance, and Amenity Assessments, providing in-depth analysis and recommendations that ultimately helped the client expand their business.


Operational Advice Environmental Permitting & Planning
Feedstock Market Analysis Environmental Legislation
Environmental Impact Assessment Management Systems
Auditing Contaminated Land
Risk Assessment  


Native Proficiency

Awards & Qualifications

25+ years within the waste management industry PgD Environmental Assessment
BA Environmental Studies Associate Member of IEMA

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