Wiser clients start ISO14001 and 9001 transition

Wiser Environment has started the process of transitioning clients to the new ISO standards announced last year.

In September 2015, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) published new revisions for the Environmental Management System (ISO14001) and Quality Management System (ISO9001) standards. All organisations accredited to these standards have a three year transitional period from the date of publication to migrate their management systems to the new edition of the standard.

Wiser Environment has successfully assisted one of their clients through the first stage of the transition by completing a readiness review audit to check their fulfilment of the new standards. The response from the audit was very positive with the auditor concluding that the company does fulfil the criteria of the new standards and the management system continues to achieve its intended outcomes.

If you’re having difficulty with the transition to ISO14001:2015 and ISO9001:2015, Wiser Environment will be able to help you. Contact us on 01480462232.