Wiser 100% record on FPPs despite EA 65% rejection rate

Wiser Environment has declared a 100% record on Fire Prevention Plans (FPP) just days after the Environment Agency announced that they have rejected 65% of plans since July 2015.

??????According to a June e-bulletin, 237 FPPs have been received by the EA with only 82 (35%) accepted. Although the EA also stated that the quality of plans has improved over time and the 35% acceptance rate is up from the initial 10% rate.

Following the publication of the EA’s Fire Prevention Plan Guidance in March last year, anyone applying for environmental permits, or a variation to existing permits, for a site that stores combustible waste needs to have a robust Fire Prevention Plan. As a result, the EA is undertaking a technical review of FPP’s submitted with environmental permits, leading to the high rejection rate and delays with applications.

Charles Thomas, Director, Wiser Environment says: “We have submitted plans for a range of clients and are very proud of our 100% record. With our extensive experience, the team is able to ensure information submitted meets the EA requirements and doesn’t hold up our clients’ environmental permit applications”.

The Environment Agency has confirmed that revised Fire Prevention Plan guidance is ‘on track’ to be published in July.

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