The International Aluminium Institute published figures on aluminium recycling

The latest aluminium recycling figures published by the International Aluminium Institute suggest that Europe has one of the highest recycling efficiency rates in the world and the transportation industry recycles the most aluminium. Wiser Environment outlines the pertinent information from the International Aluminium Institute’s research.

Representing the majority of the world’s aluminium producers, the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) encourages the aluminium industry to sustainably develop. Established in 1972, one of the IAI’s key objectives is to “identify issues of relevance to the production, use and recycling of aluminium and promoting appropriate research and other action concerning them”.  In turn, their intention to improve recycling forms the foundation of their metals research.

International Aluminium Institute Aluminium Factsheet

The IAI’s aluminium recycling factsheet is available here.

The IAI’s latest aluminium recycling factsheet includes the following interesting information:

  • It requires less energy to recycle aluminium than to produce it from bauxite ore. Furthermore, recycling will not reduce its quality.
  • Out of the aluminium ever produced, the IAI suggests that 75% of it is still in use today. Additionally, the latest global figures show the recycling
    input rate is 32% and the recycling efficiency rate is 76%. In other words, 1/3 of the aluminium produced originates from scrap and over 2/3 of aluminium is recycled.
  • Interestingly, the IAI details that the transportation industry recycles the most aluminium with 9 million tonnes recycled. Also, a near 70% of aluminium drinking cans end up recycled.
  • The IAI also discovered that Europe has the highest recycling efficiency rate in the world. With 81% of the aluminium scrap recovered.

A consistently successful metal recycling industry

These findings do not come as a surprise for Wiser Environment. The fact that over 2/3 of all aluminium is still in use demonstrates the metal recycling industry’s consistent success. Wiser knows firsthand from its clients that many ELV (end-of-life vehicles) and MRF (material recycling facility) operators work hard to continually innovate and find new methods to improve their resource recovery.

Whilst recycling aluminium can produce a great value for businesses, navigating the increasing costs and complexity of waste management is challenging. Therefore, Wiser Environment believes that it is important that industry managers stay informed. The team at Wiser has extensive experience in resource management and is ready to provide waste businesses with support. For more information contact Wiser Environment or call on 01480 462232.