Murfitts Industries achieves ISO 14001 & 9001 certifications

Murfitts Industries has obtained the ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications. This further establishes them as an organisation with effective environmental management systems and a strong customer focus. The certification audit was performed by the BSI Group and completed successfully.

Murfitts ISO 14001 9001For close to a decade, Wiser Environment has been working closely with the UK ‘s leading tyre recycler – Murfitts Industries. Throughout that period, Murfitts has gone from strength to strength. The recycler’s latest achievement sees them obtain certification for the International Standard for Environmental Management ISO14001 and Quality ISO9001.

Achieving the standard

ISO14001 provides a framework whereby an organisation can optimise its environmental performance. When audited by the BSI Group, Murfitts confidently demonstrated that they meet the international standard. Murfitts reached this by evidencing their environmental responsibilities and the systems they have in place to continually improve.

Standing alongside Murfitts’ stance on environmental sustainability is their belief in providing high-quality service for their customers. This was demonstrated when Murfitts achieved ISO9001 certification. Here, the recycler illustrated their commitment to sustainable development by evidencing their quality assured processes and customer-focused systems.

With one of Wiser Environment’s management system experts, Andrea Petrolati, Murfitts were able to develop and set up this integrated management system. Designed from the ground up, Murfitts’ bespoke system truly reflects their strategic direction and operations; unlocking increased productivity.

With commitment from all levels and functions, organisations can achieve an ISO certification. As seen with Murfitts Industries, Wiser Environment has the dexterity needed to develop and integrate an organisation’s management system. For example, Wiser Environment will work closely with the prospective organisation and install simple and practical systems that meet their unique requirements; avoiding duplication of tasks and minimising additional paperwork. For more information how such organisations can grow their businesses, contact Wiser Environment or call on 01480 462232.