How well would your AD plant stand up to an EA audit?

The recent nationwide Environment Agency (EA) anaerobic digestion (AD) plant audit programme has forced many operators to review their processes and procedures to ensure they comply with legislation and best practice and to identify the greatest areas of business risk. How well would your AD plant stand up to an audit?

The EA audits were carried out nationwide across a broad spectrum of AD operators and will enable the development of a standardised regulatory approach to the bio-waste sector. Wiser Environment attended a number of the technical audits on behalf of AD plant operators, supporting them through the assessment process and providing constructive feedback, and action plans upon completion. The audits identified good practice and areas for improvement particularly in relation to operational safety, DSEAR (the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002), odour control and training.

Charles Thomas, Director, Wiser Environment says: “The operators who participated have found this exercise useful. Having been involved in these audits and with experience of providing support and training to mitigate against potential risks, we are able to help those businesses who weren’t audited to benefit from the programme and take steps to improve their practices before a regulatory approach is implemented”.

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