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Great Repeal Bill ensures EU environmental legislation remains

The Government confirmed last week that EU environmental legislation will remain in place in the UK post Brexit.

On 29th March, Teresa May triggered Article 50 giving formal notice of the UK’s intention to withdraw from the European Union. A day later, the Government published ‘The Great Repeal Bill White Paper’ outlining how it proposes to use the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ to convert EU legislation into UK law by the time of our withdrawal and thus ensure that the same laws apply from one day to the next.

The document highlighted that the Great Repeal Bill will ensure that all existing EU environmental law continues to have effect in UK law until such time as we are in a position to review and consult on changes in the future. The Government also pledged in the white paper that it ‘is committed to ensuring that we become the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than we found it’.

Whilst the method by which Government proposes to implement these legislative changes has attracted controversy, its commitment to EU environmental legislation gives businesses a degree of confidence in uncertain times and helps safeguard the environment at a time when the country’s focus is likely to be on other challenges.