Fire Prevention Plans delay permit applications

The need to submit Fire Prevention Plans (FPP) with environmental permits applications is delaying permit applications as companies struggle to meet the Environment Agency’s (EA) requirements.

Following the publication of the EA’s Fire Prevention Plan Guidance ??????in March last year, anyone applying for environmental permits, or a variation to existing permits, for a site that stores combustible waste needs to have a robust Fire Prevention Plan. As a result, the EA is undertaking a technical review of FPP’s submitted with environmental permits and returning applications where the plans are found to be insufficient.

Charles Thomas, Consultancy Director, Wiser Environment says: “The level of information required in these plans and their interpretation is still developing. With extensive experience of preparing environmental permit applications and Fire Prevention Plans, we are able to ensure information submitted meets the EA requirements and doesn’t hold up our clients’ applications. For companies struggling to get to grips with the requirements, this is causing significant delays for permit applications. With the EA’s current consultation on proposed changes to Fire Prevention Plan, the confusion and resulting delays are set to stay for the foreseeable future”.

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