Environmental commitments from UK Government

The UK Government is set to announce legally binding environmental commitments; underpinning improvements to air quality, water, biodiversity, resource efficiency and waste reduction. Looking forward, it is expected that waste and resource industry businesses will have an opportunity to share their views in a public consultation in 2022.

In today’s press release, the

  • Water – improving water quality and reducing water demand in the agriculture and wastewater industry is also on the agenda.
  • Biodiversity – investigating solutions to restore and create wildlife-rich and biodiverse habitats on both land and at sea.

Build back greener

Following the Prime Minister’s challenge to “build back greener”, Defra emphasises that these major environmental commitments will ensure that today’s Government “continues to deliver a truly green recovery”. Through the use of robust and evidence-led processes, Defra intends to work with the Office for Environmental Protection and implement these environmental outcomes in a strong and meaningful manner. Expanding upon the intention, Environment Secretary George Eustice stated:

“The targets we set under our landmark Environment Bill will be the driving force behind our bold action to protect and enhance our natural world – guaranteeing real and lasting progress on some of the biggest environmental issues facing us today. I hope these targets will provide some much-needed certainty to businesses and society, as we work together to build back better and greener.

Once the Government defines its environmental commitments, stakeholders within the waste and resource industry will have an opportunity to respond through a public consultation in 2022. Contact us or call on 01480 462232 to discuss these environmental commitments further with the team at Wiser Environment and better understand how to maintain compliance.