EA proposes changes to the Fire Prevention Plan Guidance

Last month, the Environment Agency (EA) issued a consultation document containing proposed changes to fire prevention plan guidance issued earlier this year.

??????In March 2015, the EA issued guidance on the storage of combustible waste at permitted sites. The Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) Guidance requires applicable sites to undertake an assessment of fire risk at their sites and put in place measures to prevent, detect, suppress, mitigate and contain fires. The standards set out in the FPP guidance include fixed maximum pile size and separation distances, maximum storage periods and controls to be implemented to reduce the impact in the event of an outbreak.

The FPP guidance has come under ongoing criticism from the recycling industry with many calling for amendments to areas such as pile sizes and separation distances.

On 26th November, the EA issued its consultation document stating both proposed amendments and areas which the EA feel do not require amendment. The consultation runs from 26th November to 4th March 2016 with a full response to be published by April 2016. The proposal covers areas of the FPP such as the amendment of pile sizes, a decrease in the separation distance required for WEEE and the addition of a secondary site plan identifying sensitive receptors. The proposal also seeks to clarify acceptable deviations from the minimum standards after only 4 of the 80 reviewed FPPs have received approval on the basis of unacceptable deviations from the standards.

Find out more about the consultation onĀ Gov.uk.