EA issues revised briefing on regulation of wood

The Environment Agency (EA) has issued a revised briefing on the regulation of wood to highlight that the 2010 Position on the Environmental Regulation of Wood has been replaced.

Waste woodWhat has replaced it is not explicitly set out but it is assumed that the briefing, which has been produced following a number of incidents involving treated wood being consigned to inappropriate sites, contains the revised position. It is similar to the draft note issued in July 2014 although the section on processing and use which gave specific advice for industry sectors has been removed. The position now gives some recognition to the differing grades of wood as set out in PAS 111 although highlights concerns over less than rigorous segregation of the differing grades at wood recycling sites. The document puts a clear onus on the wood recycler to have sufficiently robust management system to ensure the quality of the product(s) that are produced.

Fines from the processing of grades B and C wood are unequivocally stated as not been suitable for either composting operations or spreading to land. The briefing also clarifies the position with respect to the use of railway sleepers and telegraph poles, which are now confirmed to be not waste when a series of conditions are met.

If you think you are affected by these changes and would like assistance, please contact us on 01480 462 232. In addition to providing advice and support in complying with the finer points of the EA positions and briefings, Wiser has extensive experience in developing accredited management systems including quality management as well as successful End of Waste applications for products.

Read the EA Briefing on regulation of wood.