EA briefing on crop residues used in anaerobic digestion

The Environment Agency (EA) has clarified the position with respect to crop residues and has set out the circumstance under which they can be considered a ‘by-product’.

If the residue is a by-product it falls outside the scope of the Waste Framework Directive and therefore is not a ‘waste’. In essence crop residues are:

  • Misshapen, bruised or undersized fruit and vegetables separated out as being unsuitable for sale as food for consumption;
  • Parts of fruit and vegetables such as leaves, roots and toppings that are removed as part of the processing for sale;

that are discarded at the farm or packing plant.

Items discarded later in the supply chain or at the supermarket remain a waste. Anaerobic digestion (AD) plants accepting crop residues that meet the definitions do not need to have an Environmental Permit.

If you think you are affected by these changes and would like assistance, please contact us on 01480 462 232.

Read the EA Briefing note on crop residues used as feedstock for AD plants