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Deadline approaches for recyclers wishing to continue accepting CATs

The deadline is fast approaching for metal recyclers wishing to continue to accept catalytic converters to obtain a new permit that covers the relevant waste code following the reclassification of catalytic converters las year.

Catalytic converters that contain, or may contain refractory ceramic fibre (RCF) matting are now classified as hazardous waste. Businesses disposing of catalytic converters must use the list of waste code 16 01 21* on consignment notes and waste returns.

If your permit doesn’t allow you to accept waste with the list of waste code 16 01 21* you must apply to vary your permit if you want to continue to accept catalytic converters.

The Environment Agency has issued a temporary RPS (RPS200) to facilitate this. The RPS will end on 31st August 2017 and you must apply to vary your permit by this date.