Changing technical competence to store or treat Cats

If you store or treat catalytic converters you may need to extend your WAMITAB qualifications this year…

The Environment Agency (EA) has clarified its position with regards the technical competence requirements for existing end of life vehicle dismantling, scrap metal recycling and catalytic converter recycling sites who are varying their permits to store or treat hazardous catalytic converters.

Those operators who are varying their existing permits to undertake treatment activity (for example de-canning) on catalytic converters which are hazardous will be required to hold the CIWM/WAMITAB High Risk Tier Hazardous Waste Treatment (HROC6) qualification.

Those operators who are varying their existing permits to undertake the storage of hazardous catalytic convertors will need to have a Technically Competent Manager who has either:

  1.  Level 4 Medium Risk Operator Competence for Storage of Hazardous Waste (activity description – storage of catalytic convertors) (MROC17), or
  2.  Level 4 Medium Risk Operator Competence for Physical Treatment (activity description – End of Life Vehicle facilities (vehicle storage, depollution and dismantling)) (MROC2).

A Technically Competent Manager already holding an appropriate WAMITAB qualification for a metal recovery site (E.g. MROC1) would need to complete additional units to successfully achieve the appropriate WAMITAB qualification for storage only.

The EA is allowing one year (from the date of Permit variation) for those operators varying their permit to achieve the correct award. This is not usually the process when varying environmental permits, however due to the unusual nature of this situation the EA has taken a pragmatic approach.

Should you require assistance in achieving the correct operator competence certificate, or updating your existing competence qualification, then please contact Wiser Training on 01480 462232 or