Permit transfers, variations and asset registers at HWRCs

Wiser Environment successfully transferred and varied sixteen Environmental Permits between a county council and major waste management company.

One of Europe’s leading providers of waste management services engaged Wiser Environment as environmental consultants to undertake the transfer of sixteen household waste recycling centre (HWRC) permits to fulfil their contract as the HWRC service provider for a home counties’ county council.

Wiser Environment prepared and submitted to the Environment Agency transfer applications for all sixteen of the HWRC sites to register the waste management company as the site operators. The scope of works evolved to also include the variation of thirteen of the permits to regularise the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) storage arrangements at the sites.

To fulfil their contract with the county council, the waste management company was required to undertake asset surveys of seventeen HWRC sites across the county. Wiser Environment undertook the surveys on their behalf, this involved site visits to all seventeen sites to review the assets present at the sites and also their state of repair.

Records of site infrastructure, waste containers, signage and miscellaneous items were compiled, supported by photographic evidence, and presented as an asset inventory to report the number and state of repair of the assets. The asset inventory was supplement by an asset survey written report summarising the key findings of the site surveys.

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