Management of a closed landfill site

Wiser Environment has been working for a landfill site operator in the East of England whose site shut in 1998.

Wiser Environment is helping the operator to manage the closed site and restore it. This work has included gaining planning permission for the restoration, liaising with the Environment Agency and reviewing the monitoring data to ensure the site is not having an impact on the environment.

Leachate levels across the site were high so Wiser Environment advised the operator to construct a leachate plant to process the liquid on site which is then discharged to the public sewage system as trade effluent.

Wiser Environment defined the specification for plant and for the tender process and reviewed the tenders with the operator. Wiser also obtained the planning approval for the build and resolved the permitting situation with the Environment Agency. The plant became operational in spring 2014 with the aim of reducing the leachate levels and permitting the site to move forward towards final restoration.

Ben King, Senior Consultant, Wiser Environment said: “The plant has been working successfully for the last six months and in conjunction with the new leachate extraction system has contributed to a significant fall in leachate levels across the site. This is the first step towards reducing the environmental risk from the site and enabling its final restoration.”

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