Dockside RDF storage for DFDS Seaways PLC

Wiser Environment helped DFDS Seaways PLC obtain their environmental permit for their docks at Immingham following the Environment Agency’s change in requirements in relation to storage of refuse derived fuel (RDF) at a dockside.

The Environment Agency withdrew their Regulatory Position Statement 128: The short term storage of refuse derived fuel at a dockside on 30th April 2015. All operators who wished to continue storing RDF at a dockside were required to submit an environmental permit application by this date to maintain storage operations.

Wiser Environment has successfully supported DFDS Seaways PLC through the application and determination process with the Environment Agency, and has this week (13th October) received the issued environmental permit for DFDS Seaways PLC Immingham Dock. Wiser Environment provided the application pack for submission to the Environment Agency including an Environmental Risk Assessment, Non-Technical Summary of the application and summary of the DFDS Management System. We also provided help and guidance in the provision of the site’s Fire Prevention Plan.

Wiser Environment is also supporting DFDS Seaways PLC operators to achieve their required technical competence WAMITAB award, to provide technically competent management for their newly permitted site, through our WAMITAB approved assessment centre, The Milton Assessment Centre.

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