Obtaining environmental permit for inert landfill site

Wiser Environment was engaged by LKAB Minerals Ltd to prepare a bespoke environmental permit application for an inert landfill at Dimmocks Cote Quarry, near Wicken in Cambridgeshire.

Managing the complete environmental permitting process

Preparing bespoke environmental permit application for Dimmocks Cote QuarryThe proposals are for a progressive restoration scheme that encourages the sustainable use of selected materials to retain, enhance and protect the existing ecological interests of the site. They reduce the ongoing requirement for dewatering, minimise the impact on groundwater, ensure long term stability of the quarry walls and restore the site to beneficial after uses. These include areas fit for agriculture, nature conservation including provision of calcareous grassland and wetland habitats incorporating the partially relocated Upware Bridge Pit North geological Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Wiser Environment managed the complete environmental permitting process on Wicken’s behalf, from pre-application stage through to final determination, including preparing a bespoke environmental permit application. Due to the high public interest in the site and application, stakeholder engagement was fundamental to achieving a successful outcome. Wiser Environment liaised closely with all parties during the determination process including supporting the applicant at a local public meeting with the Environment Agency and local residents.

Successfully achieving bespoke environmental permit

site drawing for bespoke environmental permit applicationSam Wheeler, Operations Manager, for LKAB Minerals Limited says: “The recycling operation is a perfect synergy, complementing LKAB minerals continued commitment to sustainable mineral production and environmental responsibility. The inert infill provides the landform which will deliver added value to the final restoration scheme, increasing the diversity of ecosystems which can be provided. Wiser Environment’s knowledge and experience played a key part in managing the application process and successfully delivering the permit, and their continued support will assist in delivering continuous responsible management of the site.”

Graeme Outridge, Environmental Consultant, Wiser Environment says: “The determination process for this inert landfill permit has been challenging – principally due to its sub-water table location amidst three Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs). It has required the unwavering application of expert technical knowledge from our team environmental consultants, as well as a detailed understanding of the local hydrogeological setting to achieve a successful outcome for our resolute client.”

LKAB Minerals Ltd’s Wicken site (formerly Wicken Lime and Stone Company Limited) is part of LKAB, a Swedish state-owned company. LKAB is one of the world’s leading producers of upgraded iron ore products, producing 27 million tonnes annually. LKAB Minerals is an international industrial minerals group, operating in 11 countries in Europe, Asia and the US and employing around 450 people. LKAB Minerals main operations include the processing and marketing of minerals primarily for the Agriculture, Building, Construction, Polymer, Coating, Refractory and Foundry Industries.

How we can help with your bespoke environmental permit application

Wiser Environment can help you with your bespoke environment al permit application and achieving the relevant environmental permits, consents and exemptions for your business. Find out how we can help with your environmental permit application, removing the burden of dealing with the regulatory bodies and seeing your application through to its conclusion.

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