Benefiting from bespoke legal compliance software

Wiser Environment clients have been benefiting from bespoke legal compliance software for five years. The legal compliance software is specifically designed to manage and automate compliance with environmental, health and safety and energy legislation, saving time, money and resources. The software provides a range of tools to monitor and control compliance meeting the requirements of the most popular ISO standards.

Wiser Environment's bespoke legal compliance softwareWiser Environment Senior Consultant, Joana Santos says: “The software has proven to be reliable and straightforward. Very good feedback is provided by certification bodies during ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and OHSAS1800 external assessments and clients agree that it has been paramount in reducing business risk from potential non-compliance with legal obligations”.

The software is web based, allowing secure access via an assigned unique user name and password. All information is company specific and can only be accessed by authorised users.

The key benefits include:

  • Combining environmental, energy and health and safety legislation to build a bespoke Legal and Other Requirements
  • Register using intuitive tools
  • Tracking and understanding legislation with full legal updates provided as they are implemented
  • Managing compliance, audits and reviews
  • Capturing and managing aspects and risks
  • Assigning actions to specific pieces of legislation, documents and email to other users
  • Uploading key documents such as Environmental Permits, planning permissions etc. allowing the user to attach it to specific pieces of legislation or environmental aspects
  • European legislation is captured and Legal Registers can be provided for other European countries.

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