Breached exemption on soils and stones results in fine from EA

Earlier this month, Wiser Environment reported on the EA’s investigations into the use of waste soils on construction sites which showed that many are unable to provide evidence to demonstrate their compliance with regulations.

Waste soilsThe investigations have resulted in greater scrutiny and a number of high profile court cases with significant fines. Just this month, a waste company and tenant farmer in Essex were taken to court by the Environment Agency (EA) and fined £19,430 for breaching a waste exemption.

The site had a U1 exemption allowing 1,000 tonnes of soil and stones to be used for construction purposes. In fact, four times that amount of waste was deposited on the land, not only containing soil and stones but also concrete, brick, plastic, glass, wood and plasterboard.

Following successful prosecution of the waste company director and the tenant farmer, the EA advised that:

  • Landowners have a responsibility to local residents, businesses and wildlife and should avoid taking risks that harm human health or environment.
  • Those that wish to operate under a waste exemption must register it with the EA and adhere to the specific limits, conditions and expiry date of that exemption.
  • Registering for an exemption doesn’t remove the need for other permits and permissions.

If you are unsure of your permit and exemption requirements, call Wiser Environment on 01480 462 232.