Wiser Environment expands its senior team

At Wiser Environment, we are pleased to announce that we have promoted our waste classification specialist – Andrea Petrolati – to Senior Consultant.

Andrea joined the Wiser team as a consultant in 2017. Immediately, his technical knowledge was highly valued by our clients. Especially, those who were challenged by waste classification and achieving an end-of-waste status. He uses his chemical engineering expertise to find novel solutions to complex and technical problems.

Notable achievements include achieving an end-of-waste status for specific end uses of unbound incinerator bottom ash aggregate (IBAA). Andrea was able to prove that the IBAA would have no negative environmental effects and that it is just as effective as its primary aggregate equivalents – such as gravel or crushed rock. This IBAA is now used in road construction and helps the UK move towards a circular economy.

“I am really pleased to promote Andrea to Senior Consultant. It is recognition for his hard work, technical knowledge and delivery of results. Our clients value Andrea’s professional, balanced and consistent approach. Furthermore, he uses his knowledge and experience to mentor and develop the Wiser team. I look forward to his greater success in the future.”
Senior Consultant, Andrew Lake

Andrea Petrolati joins Wiser's senior team