Continuing Competence Test centres open

Returning after the UK lockdown, Continuing Competence Test centres are now open. The Environment Agency has given TCMs until the 30th of September to renew their competence. Wiser Environment urges operators to book their test ahead of time and attend an accredited revision session.

In March 2020, Wiser Environment provided guidance on how technically competent operators could maintain their competence during COVID-19. Representing the industry, Wiser’s senior consultants communicated with regulatory bodies and persuaded them to take a pragmatic approach. Back then, the Environment Agency (EA) expected technically competent managers (TCM) to have adequate contingency plans in place; ensuring that their site could still operate safely.

As on the 18th of June 2020, the awarding body – WAMITAB – has confirmed that Pearsonvue Test Centres are now back open. Due to social distancing guidelines, WAMITAB explains that there is limited availability for tests. As a consequence, the awarding body suggests that TCMs book their Continuing Competence Test at the earliest opportunity.

The test centre operator, PearsonVue, stresses that:
“Some Pearson VUE-owned and operated Pearson Professional Centers are available for testing in the UK…If you exhibit symptoms upon arrival at the test centre, you may be asked to reschedule your exam for another time when in full health. We strongly recommend that you wear a face mask or face-covering in the test centre and while taking your test to protect yourself and others.

Deadline to maintain competence extended until September 30th

Wiser Environment understands that there are a significant number of TCMs who were unable to renew their competence during the lockdown. With this in mind, Wiser welcomes the EA’s decision to enable Continuing Competence compliance to be extended until September 30th. In other words, TCMs have just over three months to take and pass the Continuing Competence Test.  Wiser recommends that TCMs do not wait until the last minute. Instead, attend a Wiser Training accredited revision session and brush up on environmental legislation.

Continuing competence test centres are now open and the team at Wiser are geared up to prepare TCMs for their exam. To book a revision session and for more information contact Wiser Environment or call on 01480 462232.

Wiser Environment supports the Plantlife road verge campaign

Plantlife LogoWiser Environment is backing the Plantlife road verge campaign – protecting UK wildlife. A significant proportion of the UK’s total flora grows along the roadside. However, pressure from council budget cuts and a desire for “tidy” verges is putting the roadside wildlife at risk. To back this worthy cause, Wiser is promoting actions that will allow the UK’s road verges to flourish.

cut less, cut later

Wild flowers growing from a felled tree trunk.

Wildflowers growing from a felled tree trunk. Taken by P. Duggan.

The British conservation charity – Plantlife – works globally to protect wildflowers, plants and fungi. The charity is supported by over 11,000 members that include landowners, businesses, conservation organisations, community groups and governments. Their most notable supporters are the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation and the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund. The Plantlife mission statement is to: “push boundaries to save our rarest flora and ensure familiar flowers and plants continue to thrive”.

Wiser Environment is continually seeking new ways to support organisations such as Plantlife. Promoting biodiversity and supporting the development of diverse habitats is a priority for Wiser. Reducing the intensity of road verge cutting, and removing clippings,  will allow wildflowers to flourish and light up the landscape; creating a stepping stone for wildlife to blossom and migrate. 

Another way to support the Plantlife cause is to foster a love for plants. As seen on World Environment Day, the gardens of the Wiser Environment team are full of diverse and colourful flowers. These microenvironments help pollinators pollinate and wildlife to be wild. 

Sign the Plantlife road verge campaign petition

Wiser Environment encourages all those who seek to protect biodiversity to sign Plantlife’s petition. In their open letter, Plantlife argues for the adoption of simple but effective principles that will benefit the nature that grows alongside road verges. To support the petition, please visit Plantlife and sign their open letter.

Wiser Environment celebrates World Environment Day!

Wiser Environment celebrates World Environment Day!Wiser Environment is celebrating World Environment Day. Since 1972, the event has been celebrated every year on the 5th of June. In 2020, Colombia will be the host.

Promoting environmental awareness, the event engages businesses, governments and the public on tackling pressing environmental issues.

Time for nature

The UN General Assembly first established World Environment Day in 1972. Initially, the event was a discussion point at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. At that time, the UN agreed to adopt the resolution that:

Mallard Near Wiser Office

A mallard near the Wiser Environment Office in Cambridgeshire. Taken by L. Barnes.

“all states participating in the conference have determined to work together for the preservation and enhancement of the human environment.”

Subsequently, the UN assigned the 5th of June as World Environment Day; committing to undertaking worldwide events that deepen environmental awareness. From 1987, countries from around the world were nominated as hosts.  Since then, 29 different countries have held the event. In 1994 and 2007, London hosted the World Environment Day. The themes then were “One Earth, One Family” and “Melting Ice – a Hot Topic?” respectively.

In 2020, Colombia will host the event with the tagline “Time for Nature” and a theme focusing on maintaining biodiversity. Global climate change, Australian bushfires, Kenyan locust invasions and the COVID-19 pandemic all underline the need to protect the environment and its biodiversity. As the UN acknowledges – concern for the environment is both urgent and existential.


As mentioned, Colombia’s theme for World Environment Day 2020 will be biodiversity. Biodiversity is the variety of all living things. This includes plants, animals and microorganisms. Together, those organisms form an ecosystem. Wiser Environment strongly believes that changes to the climate will have a knock-on negative effect on the entire ecosystem.

Coming off the back of a successful Earth Day 2020, Wiser encourages everyone to make the most of World Environment Day. Due to COVID-19, the event will be held online. Visit the UN webpage for live-streams, talks and concerts. Take some time out today and think about the environment.

To celebrate World Environment Day, Wiser Environment has selected a number of nature and wildlife photos taken by the Wiser team.

Homemade Bug Hotel

A vibrant bug hotel that shelters bees, ladybirds and woodlice. Taken by G. Outridge.

Mute swan in St Ives, Cambridgeshire

A mute swan in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. Taken by R. Hirst.


Growing tomato plants

Growing tomato plants. Taken by G. Leach.

Citus tree

Tasty citrus tree. Taken by J. Webb.

Wild flowers growing from a felled tree trunk.

Wildflowers growing from a felled tree trunk. Taken by P. Duggan.

Elephants in Vietnam

Elephants in Vietnam. Taken by J. Santos.

Hedgehog visiting a garden

Hedgehog visiting a quiet garden. Taken by E. Ellams.

Vietnamese horizon

Vietnamese horizon. Taken by N. Tran.