Spring budget announcements on waste policy

Chancellor, Philip Hammond, had a busy budget week earlier this month making a number of pronouncements around waste policy:

  • Packaging targets will be set at the highest rate outlined in the recent consultation, varying options were set out in the consultation document but Government has opted for the highest option of 75.4% by 2020 up from the current rate of 65%.
  • There will be a consultation around the imposition of landfill tax on illegal disposal of waste starting 20th March 2017 in an effort to challenge the waste crime that is having an increasing impact on local authorities and other land owners.
  • The Landfill Communities Fund will remain at £39.3million and the operator contributions cap will be raised to 5.3%, the fund allows landfill owners to pay a proportion of their landfill tax liability to community and environmental organisations.
  • Landfill tax rates from 1st April 2018 will be set at £88.95 per tonne for standard rate and £2.80 per tonne for lower rate material, the current rate is £84.40 and £2.65 respectively.

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What can we expect from Brexit?

With Brexit rarely out of the news since the vote took place last summer, what are the implications going to be for UK environmental legislation?

Much of our environmental legislation originates from EU directives. Whilst some directives are applied directly, the majority is transposed in UK law. By creating our own statutory instruments, it means that this legislation will continue to apply whatever happens after Article 50 is triggered.

Undoubtedly, once the dust has settled, there will be a process of review of our environmental policy and legislation post Brexit. Given the complexity of the unravelling process, this is unlikely to take place for some time yet and we can only guess at what the government at that time will want to keep and will want to drop. It’s safe to say that mainland Europe is likely to continue to influence our environmental policy in some way, shape or form in the future.

In the meantime, ‘plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose’ as they say on the continent. Against the backdrop of uncertainty and pre-negotiation positioning of politicians, we remain legally obliged to adopt EU directives up to the point that Brexit is delivered. One thing’s for sure – the legislators will keep on legislating and the regulators will keep on regulating.

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