New permitted catalytic convertor WAMITAB requirements

Sites processing catalytic convertors now require a manager with the relevant technical competence since the Environment Agency (EA) changed the classification of certain catalytic convertors.

Duesmann & Hensel RecyclingIn March 2016 the EA announced that catalytic converters which contain (or may contain) support mats made of refractory ceramic fibre (RCF) are to be classified as hazardous waste under the code 16 01 21. Following this change in regulation and the transition period implemented by the EA on catalytic convertor processors between March and May 2016, the first environmental permits for processors are now being determined and issued by the Environment Agency.

All permitted sites will require a technically competent manager to oversee their site operations, in accordance with Environment Agency Guidance ‘Legal operator and competence requirements: environmental permits’. A means by which to achieve this is by completing an award provided by the scheme run jointly by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) and Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board (WAMITAB).

wamitab logoWiser Environment is able to provide advice and assessment through the company’s WAMITAB approved assessment centre. Centre Coordinator, Georgina Leach says: “Both new and existing operators need to be aware of their requirement to provide the correct technical competence for their site. Those operators who have been required to vary existing permits to include the catalytic convertor operations may be required to undertake additional assessment to meet the appropriate technical competence award for the newly permitted activity. I will be happy to discuss site operations and appropriate technical competence with all new operators.”

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