Government looks to reduce red tape in waste and agriculture

The UK Government announced this week that it is looking to make £10billion of savings from reducing red tape and proposals have highlighted waste and agriculture as two of five key industries.

The Government review will look at how to reduce the burden of red tape, encourage productivity and growth and make Britain the best place in Europe to start and grow a business.

The announcement, made by Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, on 17th July stated that the Government’s review of the waste industry will look at the impact of regulation on all aspects of the industry including waste production, processing, collection, disposal and treatment.

Javid’s statement also highlighted how the agricultural sector spends over £77 million and 1.7million people hours a year complying with information checks that are often duplicated. The review of the agricultural industry will look at how to reduce the burden of evidence and reporting to local and national government.

Businesses can participate in the review by feeding back their ideas and comments via the Cutting Red Tape website or by emailing

Read Sajid Javid’s announcement.