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Quality, health & safety and environment

Management systems

Wiser Environment has extensive experience in the development and implementation of quality, environmental, energy, health & safety and integrated management systems to the international standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO45001 (OHSAS 18001) and PAS99.

We work with our clients to develop simple, practical systems that meet your specific requirements, avoiding duplication of tasks and minimising additional paperwork. We liaise with your staff to ensure that all systems reflect what you do, are fully integrated and that they truly benefit the business, improving your operations and bottom line.

QHSE business support

We also provide quality, health & safety and environmental (QHSE) business support services whether you need a temporary extra pair of hands or lack the expertise you require in-house.

Management system and business support services

Our QHSE management system and business support services include:

  • Gap analysis
  • Development of policies, procedures and other documentation
  • Provision of support to maintain management systems
  • Independent auditing of all systems on an ad hoc or ongoing basis
  • Liaison with regulators and community groups as required
  • Business planning and development, project management
  • Operational support including interim management and external resource
  • Due diligence on the acquisition of properties and sites
  • Troubleshooting in the event of incidents and accidents

Carbon and energy management

Wiser Environment provides carbon and energy management services to businesses and organisations looking to improve their energy efficiency, reduce their energy consumption or carbon output, save money and comply with legislation.

Carbon and energy management in the officeOur carbon and energy management services include:

  • Audit of your operations, energy usage and carbon emissions
  • Assessment of the impacts of existing and forthcoming legislation and policy
  • Development of carbon and energy management strategies
  • Implementation support with energy efficiency initiatives, carbon reduction targets and climate change agreements
  • Monitoring and ongoing support in carbon and energy management
  • Assessment of the carbon footprint of activities, products and services

Health and safety

health and safety managementWiser Environment provides practical, relevant and easy to understand advice, guidance and implementation support to ensure the health & safety of your staff and visitors, and meet legislative requirements.

Our health & safety services are delivered by highly trained and experienced health & safety consultants and include:

  • Risk assessments to identify potential health & safety issues
  • Developing and maintaining health & safety management systems
  • Safe systems of work (SSoW)
  • Work instructions
  • Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) compliance
  • Liaison with regulators on your behalf

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